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Issues I Care About...

Vote Nov 5th!

Housing for All: Housing for workers, elders, veterans, teachers. Housing we need, not just high cost housing.


Health Care: Single Payer Health Care for All! It covers everyone and is the way to go.​ California can lead the way.

Tenants Rights: Fund renters in need to protect  from evictions. Honor renters.

Prop 13 Fix: Keep low taxes on homes like mine. Prop 13 lowered taxes on big corporation's property too. Chevron and Disney should pay their fair share. Prop 13 ruined school financing and we have never caught up. Fix Prop 13!

Rent Control: Needed for more low cost rental housing. Repeal Costa-Hawkins so cities can vote for rent control if they wish.

Environment: More energy from the sun and tides; green housing; electric cars, monitor our use of water; preserve our parks and green space. Save the planet.

Minimum Wage: Working people should earn enough to be able to afford housing and basic necessities. 

Education: Safe schools, small classes, better pay for teachers, more art, music, literature and science. Free community college and classes for the trades:  low tuition at State Universities. 

Restore Affirmative Action: Justice for all. Pay reparations. 

Women's Rights, Equal pay, abortion on demand, safe work places, good child care, and more.

Police Reform: Policing that keeps us safe with civilian oversight. Jails are not the place for mentally ill people.

Save People's Park! We need green space in dense Berkeley. No building on People's Park!

Travel: Coordinated, accessible public transit, a quiet BART; fast trains that could lower plane and freeway traffic. Europe and Asia have them; they are speedy, safe, quiet and comfortable.


Protect Small Businesses and Small Landlords: State laws must protect the livelihoods of those who create the communities that we so value.


Elect Democrat Margot for Assembly! We need legislators in Sacramento who will vote Housing for All, not just the rich. Now favored developers are given the right to build market-rate housing anywhere they can buy a piece of land. They ignore environmental laws and the concerns of neighbors. They can bypass elected city council and county supervisor approval. 


Who can afford their high rents? People who make a lot of money; not seniors on Social Security, not  people who serve in restaurants and supermarkets, not teachers, childcare workers or care givers of older or disabled people. Not the people who work in parks, build our houses, fight fires or are low-income families with children. Most Californians earn less than $70,000 a year. 

I am not a NIMBY or a YIMBY. I am for smart, low cost housing for people to live near where they work. 


We see the housing shortage daily: people camping on the street, couch surfing and living in their cars. We suffer traffic congestion on freeways during rush hour when people travel long distances from home to work.

These laws bypass our local officials and weaken CEQA and environmental concerns. They even favor certain developers. 


I am a Democrat for democracy. We elect our local city councils and county supervisors to make sure local people and local housing needs are met by people who understand local conditions. Our cities have local problems that limit housing options:

  • flood zones,

  • fire hazard areas,

  • fire and tsunami evacuation routes,

  • rising sea levels, eroding shores,

  • steep slopes, landslides,

  • abandoned oil wells, and

  • narrow streets with limited parking.     

I hear local people, people who know of the need for  housing in their communities, who are for housing that they have enough income to live in and is built where the environment is right for them.

Tell Sacramento that we care about housing for everyone. We care about the environment. A vote for me is a vote FOR better housing laws; let's show we care about housing for all California residents. And, vote for caring about the future of the planet.

Our incumbent Assembly person Buffy Wicks ran in 2022 with NO opposition. We cannot let that happen again. We need to change the laws on the things we care about and make laws we support. 

Vote Margot for Assembly!                     

I do not accept corporate dollars.


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